Paranoid Lovesick - The Official Site

Paranoid Lovesick is a band. There are four strong men in its higher completion. They are salted and insatiated. They tread the boards of fortune with shocking aptitude. They are unyielding and polite. They have Ausweichenprospektorpackwagen. They bring many things.

Paranoid Lovesick could not be anything other than that which it is, currently, has been in the past, and shall be in the future. They do not write music; rather, it issues forth from them like steam from a large, superheated boiler that could burn the face right off you and leave you a nightmarish freak.

Paranoid Lovesick loom over the land. They are from Ohio, and they are from Cleveland, Ohio. They are so happy to be with you. Do not be ashamed.

Paranoid Lovesick ejaculate ecstatic seeds of melody and harmonies. They ignite themselves right out of the box!

Paranoid Lovesick met in juvenile detention centers and learned to play music that does not contain the notes B, B flat, or F#. They found guitars and were thereby saved from a life in the ghetto!

Kurt Maracz brings the sunshine with him. It shines on him wherever he goes. It shines on him in the tub. He plays the bass guitar. Kurt sings, with his mouth open.

John Potwora plays the drums and once stabbed a greasy man who made a high-pitched noise. He would do it again if he had to.

Rick McBrien is remarkable and will not speak with you. He plays the guitar in many, many ways, and sings, but not naturally.

Bill Stone's formal name is William. He could tear your concept up! He plays the guitar and sings very often.

Paranoid Lovesick create pleasant, enjoyable sounds that they place in certain orders. They have a computer into which they input parameters and variables in order to write songs finer than the Lord could sing that I will not explain to you now.

Stand up and wave, now. Do not torment yourselves by permitting their absence.